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Brand: EGO; Article: EG2003V; Type: Vending massage chair; Purpose: Relief from back pain / Increase immunity / Increase productivity / Reduce stress / Increase mobility and flexibility / Strengthen the cardiovascular system / Improve well-being / Improve sleep / Reduce headaches; Series: EGO Balance; Model: Balance; Country of manufacture: Russia; Country of origin: Russia, Singapore; Seller's country: Russia; Timer: 15 minutes; Supply voltage: AC 100-240 V; Food: from a network; Frequency: 50-60Hz; Power consumption: 42 W; Dimensions (L x W x H): 125 x 70 x 100 cm; Seat dimensions (L x W): 45 x 58 cm; Package dimensions (L x W x H): 122 x 80 x 102 cm; Net weight: 34kg; Gross Weight: 39kg; Certificate: download; Brand: EGO; Article: EG2003V; Type: Vending massage chair; Purpose: Improve well-being / Improve sleep / Get rid of back pain / Reduce headache / Reduce stress / Increase immunity / Increase productivity / Strengthen the cardiovascular system / Increase mobility and flexibility; Series: EGO Balance; Model: Balance; Country of manufacture: Russia; Country of origin: Russia, Singapore; Seller's country: Russia; Price for Yandex Market: 64900; Price for Aliexpress: 64900; Timer: 15 minutes; Supply voltage: AC 100-240 V; Food: from a network; Frequency: 50-60Hz; Power consumption: 42 W; Dimensions (L x W x H): 125 x 70 x 100 cm; Seat dimensions (L x W): 45 x 58 cm; Package dimensions (L x W x H): 122 x 80 x 102 cm; Net weight: 34kg; Gross Weight: 39kg; Relax Factory: N; Remove "I want a Discount": N; ID_TAG: 2229; Certificate: 45001
EGO BALANCE EG2003 vending massage glider chair
  • Unique glider chair with massage function
  • Comfortable seat and armrests provide a high level of comfort
  • Massage programs developed in Singapore specifically for Russia
  • Additional chair back cover reclines during massage
  • Three types of massage with additional heat therapy
  • < li>Extended roller mechanism covers the entire back
  • Sturdy wooden frame withstands increased stress
  • Sidewalls, frame and armrests are made in a classic style and made of wood
  • < li>The chair is upholstered in high-strength arpatek.
  • The Russified control panel is stored in the back pocket of the chair back
  • A wide range of colors in stock and on order
  • EGO Balance - first e in Russia, a glider chair with a massage function. An armchair with a pendulum swing mechanism, called a glider, has always been associated with absolute idyll and peace, creating a cozy homely atmosphere. The presence of a glider chair in the interior certainly indicates that the owners of the house value peace and comfort, and are also very selective in the selection of furniture. EGO Balance differs from its counterparts with a built-in massage function, sophisticated design, high-strength upholstery and quality materials. In addition to the chair, you can choose from a massage headrest, footrest and seat cover. The armchair comes in two basic colors: COFFEE and CREAM. On request, you can choose a different upholstery color, as well as premium upholstery Elite (combination of natural and artificial leather) and Premium (all natural leather).

    100 percent comfortable rest

    EGO Balance is a chair for 100% comfortable rest. It can be used as an ordinary glider chair, turning into a massage chair in one moment. Modern PU foam padding comfortably supports the back, and an additional footrest (optional) allows you to comfortably sit in a semi-lying position. EGO BALANCE is a harmony of design and versatility, as they say, all in one bottle! The design takes into account the implementation of several types of impact at once, soft heating, vibration massage, as well as kneading and rolling effects are provided. The user can use the individual adjustments of the massage rollers in width or fix the effect in a certain area. Made in Russia, the EGO Balance chair is designed for heavy loads, up to 120 kg, has a wide and comfortable seat and armrests. This property is quite rare in foreign counterparts, for which I would like to thank our specialists, who created a really comfortable and necessary chair.


    Even without massage, glider rocking chairs are very popular among people who value real rest, relaxation and complete relaxation! What can we say about the EGO BALANCE chair, which, in addition to the glider functions, has received a whole arsenal of massage effects. The design of the EGO BALANCE massage mechanism is a joint development of the Singapore company OTO Bodycare and the Russian company Relax Star, which has become a new milestone in long-term cooperation. The unique EGO BALANCE glider chair is an innovative solution for a comfortable stay at home and in the country, which combines the properties of 2 chairs at once in 1.
    First of all, this is a comfortable glider chair with a pendulum mechanism rocking, made in a classic style, with elements of leather and wood. Secondly, this is a comfortable massage chair, which has three types of massage and the function of heating the massage rollers. This harmonious fusion allows you to achieve a new level of comfort.

    Features of the EGO Balance massage mechanism

    Extended features of the massage roller mechanism of the EGO Balance rocking chair

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    Extended back massage area in height
    The coverage area of the back massage in height has been extended by 40 mm, which gives the user a more detailed and full massage of the upper part back

    Targeted back massage function
    Allows you to select a back area for a targeted Shiatsu massage

    3 automatic massage programs
    The EGO Balance has automatic massage programs that allow the user to massage the entire back, lower back or upper back as desired.

    T ri types of massage effects
    At the request of the user, the EGO Balance rocking chair can perform kneading Shiatsu, rolling or vibration massage. Shiatsu massage is a deep kneading effect along the entire back, imitating the circular movements of the massage therapist's hands. A rolling massage is an effect that goes up and down along the entire back, imitating a stretching massage. warm-up function, which improves the effectiveness of the impact. Thermal therapy additionally relieves muscle tension, relieves pain and increases the overall effect of the massage performed.

    Vibration massage function
    In the seat of the massage chair - rocking chairs are built-in vibration motors of increased intensity, which create a vibration effect and help improve blood circulation in the thighs and buttocks.
    In the rolling massage mode, the width of the massage rollers can be adjusted using the control panel.

    Ergonomic control panel for the EGO Balance massage rocking chair
    The massage modes are controlled using the remote control, which is stored in the back pocket of the chair back. The control panel has a clear push-button interface in Russian, with which the user can easily change the massage functions.

    Relieve nervous tension and stress

    EGO BALANCE massage glider chair is an excellent weapon in the fight against stress. Uniform and calm rocking helps to fully relax, relieve nervous tension and feel a pleasant peace. Thanks to this state, the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, the user is distracted from extraneous thoughts and relaxes. cradle, under the lulling and soothing rocking, accompanied by the gentle song of the mother. Massage chair glider EGO BALANCE creates just such movements, which is especially useful for people suffering from insomnia. Just half an hour of even rocking in the EGO BALANCE chair will help get rid of nervous tension and relax the muscles, after which a state of drowsiness will set in and the body will force you to close your eyes.

    Easy physical training

    Uniform swinging in a glider chair is also an easy physical training. Indeed, to activate the swing, the muscles of the legs and back are involved, which are used to put pressure on the back. In addition, the glider chair trains the vestibular apparatus, helping the user to more easily endure long car trips, as well as air flights. div> A glider chair, like a rocking chair, helps to better assimilate information, increasing concentration in the process of rocking.

    Positive effect on the body

    Uniform rocking in the EGO BALANCE massage chair increases immunity, improves heart activity and functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

    Materials used in the manufacture of the EGO BALANCE massage chair

    Assembly and manufacture of each part of the EGO BALANCE glider massage chair performed using non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials. The lacquer coating on the wooden sides of the chair is also harmless. The BV50 was designed for the US market and has a bill accepting width of up to 66mm. This is quite enough for Russian banknotes and it easily accepts Russian rubles in denominations: 10, 50, 100 and 500 rubles. It is allowed to install and use the bill acceptor in the direction of the cassette up and down (up or down), the capacity of the cassette can be 300, 500, 800 bills. This model is optimally suited for entertainment and vending machines. There is a standard seat size for installation in most machines.
    • Entertainment machines
    • Vending machines
    • Massage chairs
    • Ticket machines
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      Additional features and options of the ITL BV-50 bill acceptor

      • Changing the capacity of the cassette to 300, 500 and 800 bills
      • standby function
      • 24V power supply (MDB) (optional)
      • Support all major interfaces and protocols

      Characteristics and features of the bill acceptor

      • High banknote recognition rate due to the unique SPF technology, about 99.0%
      • Solid transport channel for bills - no jamming
      • Easy and convenient programming via configuration card, PC or handheld device
      • Very affordable and easy installation< /li>
      • Simple and affordable customer service
      • Decent price/quality product

100% quality guarantee
100% quality guarantee
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14 days for return
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Nationwide delivery